Questions/Problems with the cyberghost application.

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    • Questions/Problems with the cyberghost application.


      Originally had added this to my other thread, but it seemed better to just make it a new post.

      I have been using cyberghost premium for about 3 months now and mostly like the service.
      I have some issues with the cyberghost application, mainly with how it functions.

      I did search the forum to try to find the answers for myself before asking, but it seems that those who have asked these questions before have not been answered.

      1: I would like to exclude applications from using the proxy, other users have also posted questions about somehow excluding applications from the proxy in the same manner as you exclude certain ips via the exemptions tab in settings.
      I haven't been able to find an answer, Is this possible?
      Can i add an application to exceptions?
      Cyberghsot , meine no-ip Adresse und/oder nur für ein bestimmtes Windows-Programm
      Cyberghost nur für gewisse Anwendungen

      2: cyberghost starts EVERY time I reboot my pc, and also every time I close it. I have tried reinstalling the application, and the service. I am certain that The option is disabled in settings tab:

      When I am home this is only a minor nuisance, but I have a portable gaming pc that is also my main pc at home. Which brings me to my 3rd issue.

      3: When I travel and there is no internet available, cyberghost constantly fails to connect because there is no internet, and continuously pops up to let me know that the service is unreachable every few minutes, which is annoying as hell. The only way I have found to keep the application from harassing me when there is no internet is to completely uninstall it, because you cannot close it properly without the service running. even if you kill the exe and the service in the task manager, it just comes right back up after a few minutes.

      4: Along the same lines as the other questions, is there any way to configure cyberghost so that it is not in my face all the time? the desired result is for the program to open into the system tray without any popups or prompts. Is this possible?

      Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, and if I'm not asking for customer support in the proper way can someone please take a moment to let me know what I'm doing wrong?

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